Friday, April 3, 2009

a conversation with Justin

It being Friday, I called my friend Justin, a senior at JMU, to see if he wanted to hang out. Usually this three to five minute phone call is a complete waste of time. You see, Justin has an unfathomably deep fear of commitment. Rather than go into too much detail, I'll just paraphrase (though I promise it's almost word-for-word) two phone calls from this evening:

Justin picks up.
Justin: Hello?
Josh: Yo.
Justin: Yo.
Josh: Yoooo.
Justin: Yooooooooooooo.
Josh: Yo.
Justin: Yo.
Josh: You win. Hey - you figure out if you got anything going on yet?
Justin:'s only 7 o'clock.
Josh: (Pause) So?
Justin: So it's only 7. How am I supposed to know if i'm doing anything tonight? It's not tonight yet.
Josh: It's 7. It's tonight right now.
Justin: No way. That's ridiculous.
Josh: (Shouts to Emily in other room) Emily - is it tonight yet?
Emily: (Shouts from other room) It's definitely night! It's almost dark!
Josh: (To Justin) See? It's tonight.
Justin: (Chuckles) She's wrong.
Josh: Here's a bet for you. I bet you don't get married within the next 10 years. It would take you at least that long to commit to--
Justin: Awww...that's mean.
Josh: IT'S 7 O'CLOCK. How do not know what you're doing tonight?
Justin: (silence)
Josh: Okay - when WILL you know what YOU will be doing tonight?
Justin: I'll definitely know at least by 9 if I probably have any plans. [Mind you, this was a direct quote - as in he actually said this.]
Josh: Okay - give me a call.

Justin calls Josh at 8:40.
Josh: Yo.
Justin: Yo.
Josh: So what's the plan.
Justin: I don't know yet.
Josh: Arghhhh!
Justin: Heh.

Another 4 minute phone conversation insues, ending with Justin cautiously committing to call by 10 o'clock to tell me whether he has plans. Just enough time to write a blog.

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Emily said...

Which one is Justin? I still get Travis and him mixed up.